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January 2014

Sto:lo: Fate of eagle case still undecided - Local First Nations leaders want prosecutors to put an end to a case against two local aboriginal men charged in connection with a highprofile eagle poaching case more than seven years ago.

February 2012

Sto:lo: First Nations students deserve a safe place to learn - School is a difficult time for any young person. Imagine on top of that sitting in a classroom hearing your cultural identity dismissed as a figment of the past, or simply ignored completely. Aboriginal cultures place much more emphasis on learning by experience. You aren't given the answers by a lecturer, you find them yourself. If you fail, it's not an ending, it's part of the learning process. Aboriginal classrooms incorporate practices like circles and storytelling.

Sto:lo: Chilliwack RCMP investigate shooting - Mounties have few details about a shooting at the Sto:lo Nation's child and family services building in Chilliwack on Monday. The Upper Fraser Valley RCMP confirmed a single shot was fired from a distance through a second-storey window into Building 1, where Xyolhemeylh Child and Family Services is located.

Sto:lo: Chilliwack conference to foster new and existing First Nations businesses - Over the coming years, Chilliwack will see more and more businesses started by local First Nations individuals. Next week's Sto:lo Business Conference is a one-day session put together by Sto:lo Community Futures and private sector partners KPMG and Waterstone Law Group designed to encourage Aboriginal business people.

January 2012

QayQayt-Sto:lo: New gathering place honours First Nations - The New Westminster campus of Douglas College now has another community amenity. On Jan. 19, the college hosted a two-part opening ceremony, complete with speeches from Lt.-Gov. Steven Point and Chief Rhonda Larrabee of the QayQayt Nation, celebration dances from the Douglas College student pow wow group, and opening and closing prayer songs from an elder from the Sto: lo First Nation. "From time immemorial, our lands have been a place of gathering," said Larrabee in her welcoming speech. "Our ancestors welcomed others to come together here: to fish, to hunt, to gather berries, to share stories and wisdom by the river, a gathering place, a resting place."

December 2011

Sto:lo: Yale treaty sparks protest - A treaty signed in April by the Yale First Nation and later ratified by the B.C. government sparked a protest and 'war council' by the Sto:lo Nation and Sto:lo Tribal Council. The treaty is now before the federal government for final ratification. The Sto:lo want the Five-Mile Fishery area that includes several cemeteries and dry-rack sites taken out of the treaty and set aside in a “shared-territory” agreement with the Yale First Nation. Yale Chief Robert Hope has promised to work out access agreements with the Sto:lo, but a "shared-territory" agreement seems out of the question.

Sto:lo: Mobilizing All the People to Protect the Salmon - Thousands of First Nations and non-aboriginal British Columbians came together in Victoria in 2010 to demand the removal of open net pen fish farms from BC's coast. The highlight of the big rally for wild salmon in Victoria, led by Alexandra Morton in the Spring of 2010, was the coming together of First Nations and other fisheries groups who've long been at loggerheads. They all spoke of putting the past behind them and uniting in a common cause to rid our waters of fish farms.

Sto:lo: Sto: lo bands sign health accord - Local Sto: lo bands will have more say in how health care is delivered to First Nations people thanks to a partnership accord signed recently. The accord calls for improvements in service delivery through more collaboration between Fraser Health and First Nations Health Centres in the region, and work with community health leaders to develop more culturally appropriate health strategies.

Sto:lo: Author opens up about effects of residential school syndrome on friends and family in new book - A Sto:lo First Nation member from the Cheam Reserve in Rosedale near Chilliwack, Gregory Aleck has called Squamish home since 1991. It's here that he found the inspiration to write his life story. Almost A Born Loser! tells how Aleck chose to get away from his dysfunctional family to pursue a career.

Sto:lo: Fish protest pays visit to MP's office - About a dozen protesters marched Thursday from the Sto: lo Nation site on Vedder Road to Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon MP Mark Strahl's office to voice concerns about the aquaculture industry and its effect on wild salmon.

Lower Elwha Klallam-Port Gamble S'Klallam-Stó:lo-Yakama: Lower Elwha Gallery exhibit to showcase native art - The spirits of the native people of the Strait of Juan de Fuca will be unleashed in an art exhibit Saturday. Artists include Darrel Charles Jr., Roger Fernandes and Robert Francis III of the Elwha Klallam; Ivan Francis of the Stó:lo tribe of British Columbia; Darryl Barkley of the Yakima tribe; and Jimmy Price of Port Gamble.

Sto:lo: First Nations fight over treaty - The Sto:lo expect the House of Commons to take up ratification of a treaty, next year, that would give the small Yale band control over what the Sto:lo claim are their traditional fishing, burial, and cultural sites.

Sto:lo: Wild salmon march on Chilliwack MP's office - About a dozen protesters marched Thursday from the Sto:lo Nation site on Vedder Road to Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon MP Mark Strahl's office to voice concerns about the aquaculture industry and its effect on wild salmon.

Sto:lo: Debut for Sto: lo singers - The Sto:lo Vocal Ensemble started in September as a choir for Sto:lo youth and has evolved into a young women's group.

Sto:lo: Chilliwack MP Mark Strahl supports Yale treaty - The Sto:lo dispute the Yale First Nations claim to be a separate and distinct tribal group, that the Sto:lo would have to ask permission from the Yale chief to access sacred cultural sites and family fishing spots.

Sto:lo: Sto: lo ramp up fight against Yale Treaty ratification

Sto:lo: No treaty needed to pluck 'low-hanging fruit'

Sto:lo: Long run for short-term

Sto:lo: United Sto:lo call for war council

November 2011

Sto:lo: Peace Walk through Chilliwack has message of hope

Sto:lo: New approach will lead the way on first nations' health care

Sto:lo: New approach will lead the way on first nations’ health care

Sto:lo: Hundreds of Chilliwack residents ignore pouring rain to pay respects on 11-11-11

Sto:lo: ‘Sneak peek’ at the new UFV Chilliwack campus

Sto:lo: Chilliwack's Remembrance Day ceremonies

Sto:lo: Ian Tyson song about Chilliwack bronc rider

Sto:lo: Malloway Says Fraud Case Left Him Broke

Sto:lo: Malloway Says Fraud Case Left Him Broke

Sto:lo: First Nation band to 'Walk for Peace' in Chilliwack on election day

Sto:lo: Pickton inquiry hears from victim's angered brother Sto:lo: Principals shuffling off to new schools

October 2011

Sto:lo: Sign treaties, or 'shut 'er down'

Sto:lo: Cameron Ward's opening statement

Sto:lo: Native leader testifies at Pickton inquiry on dead sister’s birthday

Call Me Hank: A Sto:lo Man's Reflections on Logging, Living, and Growing Old: is an engaging and often humorous read that makes an important contribution to a host of contemporary discourses in Canada, including discussions about the nature and value of Aboriginal identity.
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