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April 2012

Squamish: All aboard Squamish’s gondola - I watched with surprise over the past few weeks at all the “breaking news” about how a proposed gondola is going to split up Stawamus Chief Provincial Park. The Squamish Nation chief, council and elders all gave the project the thumbs up. This is a project that will impact Squamish, benefit Squamish and create opportunities for Squamish. So why should we care what Lower Mainland residents have to say about it?

March 2012

Squamish: He's been carving a living - Leaning over his work, Squamish Nation artist Xwa-lack-tun, also known as Rick Harry, peels back layers of wood on an eagle head carving, all the while explaining the nuances of the craft. A rapt audience of 13 people of all ages and backgrounds hang onto his every word, eager to try their own hand at carving at the Brackendale Art Gallery last Sunday.

Suquamish: Holly Ridge Center receives donation from Tribe - The Holly Ridge Center of Bremerton recently received a donation of $1,500 from the Suquamish Indian Tribe to help supplement the services it provides through its family driven Autism and Mental Health Behavioral Services Project, “High Five;” the only program that provides comprehensive early intervention services to children with autism in Kitsap County.

February 2012

Squamish: Nation and BC Parks sign land management deal - The Squamish Nation and BC Parks signed a landmark agreement this week. The agreement covers lands in and around the EstŽ-tiwilh/Sigurd Creek Conservancy area, Brackendale Eagles Park and Tantalus Park. The agreement affects about 13,000 hectares of land.

Squamish: Nation and BC Parks Sign Management Plans to Protect 13,000 Hectares of Land - The Squamish Nation and BC Parks signed two park management plans today marking their first collaborative achievement under the 2007 agreement for the management of protected areas in the Squamish Nation traditional territory. The celebratory signing recognized the completion of the Esté-tiwilh/Sigurd Creek Conservancy Management Plan and the Brackendale Eagles Park, Baynes Island Ecological Reserve and Tantalus Park Management Plan.

Squamish: Squamish and province sign deal for wildlife conservation - A deal between the Squamish Nation and BC Parks will create a "continuous freeway for wildlife" on almost 13,000 hectares of land around Squamish. Two park-management plans signed Thursday mark the first collaborative achievement to occur under a 2007 agreement for the management of protected areas in Squamish Nation traditional territory.

Squamish: A First Nations First - Snowboarding is a lifestyle for some. For members of the province's newest high-performance team, it's a suitably high-performance one. That means no drugs, no alcohol, a healthy diet and staying in good standing in the community, explains Lindsay Hubley, co-founder of the First Nations Snowboard Team's first all-girl competition squad. Hubley and fellow First Nations rider Virginia Johnston founded the high-performance team for young Squamish women on the North Shore just months ago and already the response has been overwhelming.

Squamish: Homes face flood danger - The Squamish-based engineering consultant wrote in a report to the Squamish Nation that floods have damaged the Cheakamus area three times since 1986 and more damage can be expected if action isn't taken. Randall Lewis, the Squamish Nation environmental coordinator, said the cost of building the much-needed dike was estimated at $10 to $12 million in 2000. At today's costs, he said the bill might be as high as $60 million and possibly up to $70 million.

January 2012

Squamish: Squamish set out to tell their own stories - LONG before cars lined up at the B.C. Ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay, canoes crisscrossed the Salish Sea. That history - and the future of this ancient craft - is on display until May 21 at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in Kitsilano, just steps from the former Squamish village site of Fenakw on the shores of False Creek, where the canoes once pushed off to hunt and fish, to travel and to fight. While most visitors will likely be familiar with the standard canoe and those still used for racing, the exhibit focuses on seven different styles that range up to 60 and 70 feet, explaining the history, and how they were made and used.

Squamish-Lil'wat: Art of a Warm Welcome Comes to Life at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre - Up until the opening of the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre in Whistler four years ago, viewing Salish art on exhibit in galleries or museums was the only way many of us had to interact with this region's First Nations culture. There wasn't an opportunity to actually connect with the people. Now there is. And it's the human connection that is the most compelling, and surprising, part. All the frontline staff are either members of the Squamish or the Lil'wat Nation, and they take their role as ambassadors seriously.

December 2011

Squamish: New pedestrian overpass coming soon - Construction on a new pedestrian overpass that is to include a number of culturally significant design features is set to begin early in 2012, officials announced last week. The overpass, which will cost $2.2 million, will connect parcels of Squamish Nation land on either side of Highway 99 and the CN Rail tracks just south of downtown Squamish, has a scheduled completion date of June 30, 2012, officials said in a statement issued on Dec. 22.

Squamish: Band members question where nation’s money is going - Last week, the Squamish Nation signed a long-term Impact Benefit Agreement with Run of River Power Inc., the proponent of an independent power project on Skookum Creek east of Squamish. Squamish Nation member Bev Brown only learned about the deal through the media. Recently it seems that’s the only way members can find out about their council’s business, she said. "Lot of things that are going on, they are going on behind close doors," she said.

Squamish-Lil’wat: Event honours First Nations’ winter solstice traditions - For those looking for a little change from the usual, the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) is set to host its first Winter Gathering next Thursday (Dec. 29) in celebration of the season. There will be a salmon barbeque, bannock on a stick as well as a range of activities and the works of various artists.

Squamish: Nation supports energy project - The Squamish Nation has signed a long-term Impact Benefit Agreement with Run of River Power (ROR). In a press release issued Dec. 12 Chief Ian Campbell of the Squamish Nation acknowledged that while ROR has been involved in discussions with recreation groups ROR has been working with the Squamish Nation as well. "We have worked closely with Run of River Power ensuring our concerns around cultural and traditional uses of the area are considered."

Squamish: Power project to profit Squamish Nation - The Squamish Nation is set to profit from a proposed $92 million run-of-the-river power project slated for Skookum Creek, while the district is not far behind.

Squamish: The craft and culture of the Squamish canoe - From November 24th 2011 to May 21st, 2012, this special exhibition will take visitors on a journey of discovery through the lifecycle of a Squamish canoe—from its roots in our local temperate rainforests, through the hands of Squamish craftsmen, and throughout the Salish Sea.

Squamish: Run of River Power Signs IBA with Squamish Nation - The Squamish Nation and Run of River Power ("ROR Power" or "the Company") (TSXV: ROR) announced today that a long-term Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) has been signed that supports the development of the Company's 25 MW Skookum Power Project.

Lil'wat-Squamish: Cultural Centre sells wares through online store - The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre gift shop, a joint project between the province and the Squamish and Lil'wat First Nations, now has a website.

Suquamish: To protect and serve ... and shop

November 2011

Squamish: The Land as Life-Giver: Two First Nations Cultivate Health and Economic Independence

Squamish: Breaking Dawn… of a young actor’s career: Squamish Nation actor featured in Twilight film that premieres today

Suquamish: Deputies honored for actions

Squamish: Report sparks debate on the role of First Nations leaders

Squamish and Lil'wat: First year for local First Nation snowboard team

Squamish: Sea to Sky Gondola project supported

Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust [Paperback]: Jasper Joseph is a sixty-four year old native man from Port Hardy, British Columbia. His eyes still fill with tears when he remembers his cousins who were killed with lethal injections by staff at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital, in 1944. Unlike post-war Germans, Canadians have yet to acknowledge, let alone repent from, the genocide that we inflicted on millions of conquered people.

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