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January 2014

Muckleshoot: Tribal School debuts girls wrestling team - Jerry Scheidt wrote that, “This year the Muckleshoot Tribal School is making their debut in girls wrestling. The Kings have six girls turning out for the first time.” The team is coached by Scheidt’s wife Heather in her first year as in the top spot. The girls on the team include, Emily Jerry, Patience Daniels, Alexis James, Leondra Keeline, Haily Starr, Marina Starr.

December 2013

Muckleshoot: Tribe buys White River forest - According to reports, the tribe purchased 96,307 acres from Hancock Natural Resource Group for about $313 million. The White River Forest includes about 86,501 acres. The entire acquisition spans King, Pierce and Lewis counties.

Muckleshoot: Tribe buys huge forestland in 3 counties - The tribe is paying about $313 million for 96,000 acres along Highway 410 in King, Pierce and Lewis counties.

Muckleshoot: The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s legacy forestland purchase - Seldom is a real estate transaction more intertwined with history, tenacity of spirit and patience. The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s acquisition of tens of thousands of acres of forestland covers all three. The land purchase represents two vast parcels: 86,501 acres of the White River Forest, on both sides of Highway 410 between Enumclaw and Greenwater, and 9,806 acres of forestland in northern Lewis County.

Muckleshoot: Dais opens first Native American owned business on Auburn's Main Street - Step away from Auburn's noisy, busy East Main Street into Tribeca Professional Salon, and you're in another world. Tribeca represents something else new to Main Street — it's the first native-American-owned business on the street.

October 2013

Muckleshoot: Stop fish kills, restore salmon run on White River - Each autumn thousands of salmon, including endangered Chinook species, die struggling to pass a decrepit dam on the White River. Hundreds of thousands of fish back up and overwhelm the dam’s antiquated fish trap, ultimately dying at the dam before they can reach their spawning grounds upriver.

Muckleshoot: Deer might be hard to find in Yakima, Kittitas counties - A new study by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe may shed some more light on what is happening. Biologists from the tribe have radio collared a number of deer in our area to assess why the population is not bouncing back.

Muckleshoot: Tribe makes $25,000 gift for UPS scholarships - University of Puget Sound is pleased to announce a $25,000 gift from the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe that will help provide scholarships for Native American students pursuing their education at the national liberal arts college. This is the first grant to Puget Sound by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. The $25,000 gift will be allocated in scholarships to eligible Native American students attending Puget Sound.

August 2013

Muckleshoot: Tribe deserves support - The Muckleshoots were never an official Native American tribe. Instead, it was created by the U.S. Army – which also chose the name – from three bands of miscellaneous, displaced Indians. In 1859, this collection signed a treaty which established a reservation that was composed of three squares of land, currently consisting of about 1,201 acres, that were arranged in checkerboard fashion along the White River. Back in the day, it seemed like anytime the Muckleshoots seized upon a method of improving their economic plight the local citizenry, and oftentimes the local government as well, disapproved. But now, at last, the Muckleshoots have stumbled upon a first-class, money-making enterprise. We speak, of course, of the casino.

June 2013

Muckleshoot-Yakama: Enumclaw woman competes at Miss Indian World pageant - Enumclaw resident Jolene Lozier joined 16 other Native American women who competed for the title of Miss Indian World 2013. The Miss Indian World Pageant is a part of the Gathering of Nations, the largest powwow in North America. People from different indigenous nations throughout North America gathered at the University of New Mexico’s University Arena – also known as “The Pit” – in Albuquerque April 25 to 27. Lozier, 25, is a member of the Muckleshoot and Yakama tribes.

May 2013

Muckleshoot-Yakama: Enumclaw's Jolene Lozier competing for Miss Indian World 2013 - Enumclaw resident Jolene Lozier joined 16 other Native American women who competed for the title of Miss Indian World 2013. The Miss Indian World Pageant is a part of the Gathering of Nations, the largest powwow in North America. People from different indigenous nations throughout North America will gather at the University of New Mexico's University Arena – also known as "The Pit" – in Albuquerque April 25 to 27. Lozier, 25, is a member of the Muckleshoot and Yakama tribes.

February 2013

Muckleshoot-Snoqualmie: Roundabout raises many questions - A new roundabout near the Snoqualmie Falls could mean more development opportunities for the area and much safer driving conditions, but not everyone is thrilled with the project.

January 2013

Muckleshoot: Tribe's colorful standpipe named Tnemec Tank of the Year runner-up - A 120-foot-tall standpipe on the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe's reservation near Auburn is a runner-up in the 2012 Tnemec Tank of the Year competition. "Judges for the competition were impressed by the tank's artwork depicting salmon, which have played an important role in the culture of the Muckleshoot people for centuries," said Doug Hansen, director, Tnemec Water Tank Market.

Mucklehoot: Bernadine “Bernie” Lewis - Bernadine “Bernie” Lewis, 84, of Auburn died Jan. 1, 2013. She was born May 13, 1928 in Carnation, WA to Fred Ross & Nellie Hoptowit. She was a Mucklehoot Tribal member, second to the oldest elder in the tribe.

November 2012

Muckleshoot: A towering mural for the masses in Auburn - Water tanks are great things, but let's face it, as eye candy, mnehh! pfft! and sometimes even yegg! For the last 15 years, brothers and artists Rolf and Peter Goetzinger have shown the country that this often overlooked part of the American landscape can be made striking, too. The Muckleshoot Tribe's utility district recently commissioned the brothers to paint large fish and the tribe's logo on a 120-foot-high tank in a patch of woods southeast of SE 392nd Street. "We're very proud of it," said Peter.

October 2012

Muckleshoot: New signs of foundation failure prompt closure of Southeast 408th Street Bridge between Enumclaw and Auburn - King County has informed Muckleshoot tribal leaders of safety concerns that will compel the closure of the Southeast 408th Street Bridge near State Route 164 between Enumclaw and Auburn in Southeast King County on Oct. 15. The nearly 100 year-old bridge, located on a local residential county-maintained road on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation shows new signs of foundation failure and cracking, prompting the need to close the bridge before the storm season begins.

Muckleshoot: County honors Auburn organizations for emergency preparedness, response - King County leaders honored the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and the Wesley Homes Lea Hill senior housing community for their commitment to emergency preparedness and response.

Muckleshoot: Tribe Lauded for Community Preparedness - The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe was one of two organizations recognized today by King County Executive Dow Constantine for its commitment to emergency preparedness and response. The Wesley Homes Lea Hill senior housing community in Auburn was the other honoree.

August 2012

Muckleshoot: Brush fire near Muckleshoot Bingo Hall quickly contained - Firefighters from the Valley Regional Fire Authority doused a brush fire on a hillside behind the Muckleshoot Bingo Hall, 2117 Auburn Way S., early Thursday afternoon. The first arriving engine crew quickly attacked the fire toward the bottom of the hill. Employees from the bingo Hall used portable fire extinguishers to contain the fire at the top of the hill as a second engine arrived.

June 2012

Muckleshoot: Tribe Provides $175K for Scholarships - The new Muckleshoot Scholarship Program will provide $175,000 for the 2012 school year to support between 30 and 45 scholarships for Native American students at 12 institutions of higher learning. The 12 schools are: University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington, Central Washington, Eastern Washington, The Evergreen State College, Northwest Indian College, and the following community or technical colleges: Seattle Central, Highline, Renton, Green River, and Bates.

Muckleshoot: Edgerton elementary celebrates Native American people - Edgerton Elementary School on South Hill last week explored the Native American culture as part of its annual Cultural Festival Celebration and was blessed by a Native American flag staff offering from Marvin Hannah, a cultural teacher from the Muckleshoot Tribal School.

Muckleshoot: WSU partners with Tribe to establish new scholarships - Washington State University received a $25,000 grant from the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe to provide scholarship support for Native American students. The grant will assist five students with $5,000 scholarships beginning in the fall of 2012.

May 2012

Muckleshoot: Community Donates More than $22,000 to District Schools in May - The Enumclaw School Board emphatically thanked the many community members who contributed monetary and material donations to various schools in the district this month during it's Monday meeting. Board member Nancy Merrill pointed out that $15,500 alone came from the Muckleshoot Tribe and this the first time this year that the Tribe has given to the district.

Muckleshoot: Tribe establishes Higher Education Scholarship program - The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe today announced the establishment of a Higher Education Scholarship program to support Native American students enrolled at one of 12 state universities, community colleges or technical colleges in the 2012 school year. "This new program reflects the Muckleshoot Tribe's strong commitment to education," said Muckleshoot Tribal Council Chair Virginia Cross.

Muckleshoot: 'Big Brother' hopefuls audition for shot at fame at Auburn's Muckleshoot Casino - It’s Saturday and gamblers are jamming the Muckleshoot Casino. On the gaming floor electronic slot machines chirp, beep and ring out siren calls, luring patrons with flashing lights, gaudy graphics and promises of riches in exchange for a few dollars. In the Auburn casino’s Club Galaxy a different breed of gambler gathers. Gamblers like 21-year-old Jonathan Shines from Roy, who came to audition for a shot at stardom on the reality show “Big Brother.”

Muckleshoot: 17th Annual Enumclaw School District Powwow a Cultural Celebration - We decided to check out the 17th Annual Powwow on Friday and Enumclaw High School and were enchanted by the beautiful apparel worn by the dancers and drummers of all ages. According to organizer Cathy Calvert, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe sponsors the Enumclaw School District Powwow, and dancers and drums come from the local area as well as from the Yakima. Arnold Littlehead served as this year's emcee.

April 2012

Muckleshoot: Neal Abrahamson: Accused of turning Thanksgiving in to 'Holiday from Hell' for his girlfriend - Neal Abrahamson is wanted in King County. He is accused of head-butting his girfriend and breaking her phone when she tried calling 911, it all happened because she wouldn't give him money. The woman and Abrahamson had a dating relationship. In November 2011, she received tribal per capita money from the Muckleshoot tribe. On November 23, Abrahamson asked her for money, but she declined to give him any. Abrahamson the reportedly head-butted her, and when she tried to call 911 he broke her phone. The victim hid in the bathroom and Abrahamson broke the door down. She was eventually able to get away with her children and called police. When she returned home with the police, Abrahamson was gone along with $4,000 from her purse.

Muckleshoot-Yakama: Jolene Lozier of Enumclaw to compete in Miss Indian World Pageant - Jolene Lozier, an Enumclaw resident and member of the Muckleshoot and Yakama tribes, will compete in the Miss Indian World Pageant as part of the 29th Annual Gathering of Nations. It is billed as the most prominent Native American powwow in the world, taking place between April 26 and April 28 in Albuquerque, N.M.

March 2012

Muckleshoot: Tribe Reintroduces Traditional Fare - Many years ago, members of Pacific Northwest tribes subsisted on a wide diversity of foods from the sea and land. More than 300 fish, shellfish, greens and berries graced their seasonal menus and shaped their cultural lifeways. Valerie Segrest, a Muckleshoot tribal member and a Native nutrition educator at Northwest Indian College heads up the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project, which aims to reintroduce traditional foods into the diets of tribal members.

February 2012

Muckleshoot: Newest Mountain View Fire & Rescue Station Up and Running - King County Fire District No. 44's Station 96, previously located on S.E. 384th Street, has moved to a brand new building station on S.E. 400th Street at 180th with voters' and the Muckleshoot Tribe's blessing - literally.

January 2012

Muckleshoot: County to hold public hearing on transfer of roads-related property to Tribe - The Metropolitan King County Council holds a public hearing on Monday, Jan. 23 to take testimony on a proposed ordinance, transferring roads-related property from King County to the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. All roads being transferred are within the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation. The transfer agreement provides for King County to transfer ownership of the roads related property to the tribe. Following the transfer, the tribe will assume ownership and full and complete responsibility for the operation, maintenance, repairs and any subsequent improvements to the roads related properties.

December 2011

Muckleshoot: Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium brings free crisis management training for school-based incidents to Auburn - The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) is providing crisis management training to school administrators, rural law enforcement officers and other emergency responders from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Jan. 27 at the Muckleshoot Tribal School.

Muckleshoot: Former shopping center tore down - Crews finished knocking down what remained of the former Muckleshoot Shopping Center last week. The dilapidated center was torn down for safety reasons, said Muckleshoot Tribe spokesman Rollin Fatland. There are no specific plans at this time for the Tribe's vacant lot.

Muckleshoot: Elk rumors are likely just that - Last year, non-tribal hunters took 870 bulls and 722 cows — nearly 1,600 total. The Muckleshoots took 34.

November 2011

Muckleshoot: Where were the elk? Ask the rumor mill

Muckleshoot: Auburn Regional joins growing tobacco-free crusade

Muckleshoot: Scientists On The Trail Of Potential Salmon Killer

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