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October 2013

Kalispel: Powwow Goers Chomp on Buffalo Meat - The Kalispel Indian Reservation is not the easiest place to find, but the trek to the north-eastern corner of Washington state, near the Canadian border, is worth it, especially if you love buffalo.

August 2013

Kalispel: Inland Group, Kalispel tribe plan $23 million housing complex in Airway Heights - A Spokane Valley developer is proposing a $23.2 million, 216-unit apartment complex on Kalispel tribal land in Airway Heights.

June 2013

Kalispel: Pend Oreille River pike netting continues - Washington fisheries officials and the Kalispel Tribe have removed around 6,000 northern pike using gillnets in the second year of a pike suppression and monitoring operation on the Box Canyon Reservoir stretch of the Pend Oreille River.

Kalispel: Lake Cd'A pike study worries anglers - An effort to restore the westslope cutthroat trout fishery on Lake Coeur d'Alene has some people worried that it will lead to the eradication of certain predator fish sometime in the future. Most recently, anglers have been noticing researchers gill-netting northern pike on the lake. Smith is referring to a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife study that occurred last year below Albeni Falls Dams. That study was in conjunction with the Kalispel Tribe of Indians, which led to the eradication of the pike on Washington's stretch of the river.

May 2013

Kalispel: Salish conference celebrates language revitalization - Time is running short as tribal nations throughout the U.S. fight to salvage what remains of their Indigenous language and culture. From executive orders and abuse, to massacres and boarding schools, what do you do when your way of life struggles through relentless attack? The Kalispel tribe of Usk, Washington has chosen to focus on the silver lining by hosting its fourth annual Celebrating Salish Conference. The three-day event honors and encourages the tireless work of revitalizing the Salish language.

April 2013

Colville-Kalispel-Nez Perce: Tribes keep language alive - The unmistakable melody of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” filled the packed room at the Pavilion at Northern Quest Resort and Casino. A trio of women took the stage, executing the iconic dance moves as the lead singer, sequined hat, one glove and all, belted out the song. The tune was familiar but the words were not. That’s because the song was performed in Salish at the Salish Karaoke Contest on March 6 during the Celebrating Salish Conference.

Kalispel: Tribe restoring native trout in Pend Orielle tributary - The good ol’ days are back for cutthroat trout in a 5 1/2-mile stretch of a Pend Oreille River tributary. A handful of genetically pure westslope cutthroat trout have been released into Cee Cee Ah Creek northeast of Usk in a multistate effort to keep the native fish off the Endangered Species list. “It’s the first of its kind project in Washington,” said Deane Osterman, Kalispel Tribe natural resources director.

February 2013

Kalispel-Spokane: Technology, volunteers boost northeastern Washington whitetail study - An ambitious research project is under way to shed light on the mysterious movements of white-tailed deer through the thick cover of northeastern Washington. Contributing to the research are biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Spokane and Kalispel tribes.

December 2012

Kalispel: Lake proposal stirs concern - The Kalispel Tribe of Indians reached an agreement with the Bonneville Power Administration and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in July to investigate the feasibility of releasing water from the lake in late summer or early autumn in an attempt to cool the Pend Oreille River below the dam to improve habitat for bull trout, westslope cutthroat trout and other cold-water fish species.

November 2012

Kalispel: Lake water eyed for habitat restoration - Water from Lake Pend Oreille could be used to cool the Pend Oreille River downstream from Albeni Falls Dam in late summer under an agreement reached between the Kalispel Tribe of Indians and federal resource managers.

Kalispel: Tribe's charitable donations nearing $1 million this year, up from $700,000 in 2011 - After hearing about a number of concussions among youth football players in Cusick, Wash., the Kalispel Tribe of Indians recently put $14,000 toward buying new helmets and shoulder pads for the school district's athletes. The relatively small gift is one of a total of nearly $1 million in community donations expected to be made this year by the Kalispel Charitable Fund.

August 2012

Kalispel: Tribe opens warehouse - The Kalispel Tribe’s new laundry and storage warehouse will open Sept. 1, said Brandon Haugen, the tribe’s development manager. The 60,000- square-foot industrial building is at 102 S. Industry Drive in Airway Heights, three-fourths of a mile west of the Northern Quest Resort and Casino. The tribal-owned property covers six acres. Once completed the facility will provide laundry services for the resort. At present, laundry services are contracted with an area company, Haugen said. The $5 million building will also provide storage for other tribal business activities, he added.

July 2012

Kalispel: Feds, Tribe sign deal to help Idaho trout - Three federal agencies and the Kalispel Tribe have reached an agreement to spend $39.5 million over the next decade to improve stocks of native bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout in northern Idaho's Lake Pend Oreille watershed.

Kalispel: Pike-fishing derby opens today on Pend Oreille River - Sign-up is under way for the Pike Palooza fishing derby on the Pend Oreille River being held today through Sunday and sponsored by the Kalispel Tribe. Prizes up to $1,000 are offered in a variety of categories so the contest appeals to anglers of all ages. Categories include most fish, longest fish, total length of catch, smallest fish and tagged fish.

May 2012

Kalispel: Pend Oreille River pike thinning continues - The official crackdown on invasive northern pike in the Pend Oreille River behind Box Canyon is in its last stages for this season. A late-April survey indicated gillnets deployed by the Kalispel Tribe and Washington Fish and Wildlife Department were shy of a goal to remove 5,700 pike this spring from the 55-mile stretch of river downstream from Newport.

April 2012

Spokane-Kalispel: Decision on Spokane’s Proposed Casino/Economic Development Project Coming Soon - The Spokane Tribe is proposing a major economic development on their ancestral homelands, off the current reservation but land acquired in trust in 2003. The biggest controversy pits two tribes against each other, the Spokane Tribe and the Kalispel Tribe. They call themselves “sister tribes” and many members of each tribe have relatives married to members of the other tribe. Each says it wishes the other tribe well and wishes for peace and prosperity for the other.

February 2012

Kalispel: Tribe Hosts Historic Olympic Trials - Boxing fans have the chance to witness history at the first U.S. Olympic Team Trials for women’s boxing, being held this week at the Kalispel’s Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights, Washington, just outside of Spokane.

Kalispel: Tribe Honors Olympic Hopefuls with a Culturally Significant Award - Limited-edition canoe plaque to be given to boxers at US Olympic Team Trials. The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is honored to create the historic award USA Boxing will present each weight class champion at the US Olympic Team Trials for Women?s Boxing. The Tribe is proud to participate in recognizing these athletes as they move forward to represent the United States in London as women's boxing makes its Olympic debut.

Kalispel: Kalispels look to expand Fatburger franchise here - The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is looking to expand its Fatburger franchise, starting with an outlet in Spokane. Representatives of the Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority met recently with city planners to look into opening a Fatbuger restaurant...on the North Side, says Michael Wiprud, the authority's executive director of project planning and development.

January 2012

Kalispel: Heart of the Bitterroot - The Heart of the Bitterroot: Voices of Salish and Pend d'Oreille Women project honors the indigenous songs and stories of the Pend d'Oreille Women. The album was envisioned and produced by Salish educator Julie Cajune. Heart of the Bitterroot narrates the stories of four American Indian women of Salish and Pend d’Oreille origin. Jennifer Greene wrote the stories. She is a Salish/Chippewa-Cree poet who won the North American Native Authors Poetry Award. Her mesmerizing stories are narrated by Joanne Bigcrane and are accompanied by traditional American Indian songs and evocative music. "Indian women are either the most invisible people in the American mind or the most poorly represented, in mainstream media, in film and in books," says Cajune . "There’s a huge misunderstanding of the role American Indian women played in their families and communities and the kinds of human beings they were. I don’t think these kinds of stories about Indian women are well known. I wanted young women today to realize that this is a remarkable legacy, the traditions of women."

December 2011

Kalispel: Calling all northern pike anglers (scroll down) - Fish and Wildlife is concerned about the spread of northern pike in Washington waters and is preparing for a spring assault to halt the advance of the voracious, non-native fish toward the Columbia River. Biological surveys conducted in conjunction with the Kalispel Tribe and Eastern Washington University reveal a dramatic decline in native minnows, largemouth bass, yellow perch and other fish species that inhabit the 55-mile Box Canyon Reservoir.

Kalispel: Wash. state agency targeting northern pike - Studies conducted with the Kalispel Tribe and Eastern Washington University show a dramatic decline in native minnows, largemouth bass, yellow perch and other fish species that inhabit the 55-mile Box Canyon Reservoir.

Kalispel-Salish-Pend d'Oreille: Salish Institute takes shape

November 2011

Kalispel: Military families to receive gift cards

Kalispel: Tribe re-bids Sprague realignment near casino

Kalispel: Condon Outpacing Verner In Fundraising, Spending

Totem Poles of the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe: The Art of Dale Faulstich [Paperback]: This full-color book depicts and explains the creation of and the stories behind the cedar totem poles which adorn the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe's campus and businesses, all designed and carved by Tribal Artist Dale Faulstich.

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